Half Spanish homes have HD

HD is gaining momentum in Spain with 7.8 million homes out of the total 16.8 million TV households enjoying HD transmissions, a growth of 8.7 per cent, according to SES Astra.

Most of HD broadcasts are received through DTT, with 5.83 million homes, up 6.4 per cent, and an offer of 6 HD channels. HD satellite transmissions are present in 1.04 million homes, up 8.3 per cent, 630,000 homes through pay-TV Canal Plus with 34 HD channels. HD cable reaches 670,000 homes with an increase of 34 per cent and IPTV 310,000 homes with a growth of 10.7 per cent.

Overall, Spaniards prefer to watch TV through DTT with a reach of 12.06 million, up 71.6 per cent, followed by satellite with 2.66 million homes (1.62 million on pay TV and 1.04 million FTA) and a penetration rate of 15.4 per cent, cable with 1.42 million and IPTV with 710,000 homes.

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