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TVN most-watched channel in Poland

April 2, 2014

TVN has retained its ratings lead in viewership as the most-watched channel in Poland across all target audiences.

In March 2014 TVN confirmed its leading position in the audience market across all categories. Its audience share in Primetime (6 p.m. to 11 p.m) for the commercial target group of 16 – 49 year old viewers totaled at 17.0 per cent and 19.7 per cent in large cities. The all day audience share was 16.1 per cent.

Edward Miszczak, Management Board Member in charge of Programming Department in TVN said: ‘With our spring line-up we continue the titles which typically boast large viewer count. They dominate their respective time slots despite being exposed to rivalry with numerous premiers and novelties. We are one step ahead of the competition as, regardless of the format, we provide our viewers with intense and authentic emotions. We are proud to present global entertainment shows, and programs such as ‘X Factor’, ‘Mam talent’ or ‘Masterchef’ have a self-propelled drive; one season’s viewers are another season’s participants. It is not without reason that ‘X Factor’ has now been scheduled for its eleventh season in Great Britain, and US ‘Mam talent’ will be run for the ninth time this spring. There is still a powerful potential behind these formats.

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