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Syncbak to integrate Nielsen technology

April 7, 2014

Nielsen has announced that Syncbak—  the US media technology company that enables users to watch live, in-market broadcast television— has successfully integrated Nielsen’s proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) for Syncbak’s portfolio of client applications. The Nielsen SDK will allow clients in local markets, who are encoding with Nielsen Watermarks, to measure audiences across mobile platforms and later this year include that viewing in their television ratings when streaming the same program and same advertising as the live television program.

Nielsen’s mobile SDK will be integrated for the iOS platform, which will allow Syncbak to have Nielsen measurement capabilities hard-coded into the app. Syncbak will next begin working with Nielsen to integrate the Android version of the SDK.

“On the heels of a successful technical trial with Syncbak and four CBS-owned television stations last year, Nielsen and our clients are moving forward with measuring video content across mobile and tablet platforms,” said Farshad Family, Senior Vice President, Local Media Product Leadership at Nielsen. “As the industry innovates, we can now take the logical next step and, with Syncbak, incorporate mobile local viewers into existing television measurement in late 2014.”

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