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Telecable / Grupo Hevi launches OTT multiscreen service with Broadpeak

April 8, 2014

Broadpeak, a provider of content delivery network (CDN) technologies and live and VoD servers for cable, IPTV, OTT, and hybrid TV operators worldwide, today announced that Telecable, one of the major cable and media network companies in Mexico, has selected Broadpeak solutions to power its new OTT multiscreen service. Utilizing Broadpeak’s CDN manager, streaming server, and video delivery analytics solutions, Telecable will be able to cost-effectively deliver live and VoD content to a variety of devices while providing a superior quality of service to customers.

“Partnering with Broadpeak, we’re taking our service offering to a whole new level, providing our customers with a high-quality OTT viewing experience that includes advanced features like VOD, catch-up TV, and network PVR on any device,” said Luis Vielma, COO, Telecable. “Unlike other vendors, Broadpeak offers the total CDN solution — streaming servers, network management, and video delivery analytics — for delivering live and VoD OTT content in the multiscreen environment, with a reasonable investment in our network.”

Broadpeak’s video servers support multiple video formats, including Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe HDS, and MPEG-DASH, allowing Telecable to deliver live and VOD content, including catch-up TV and NPVR, to any screen. Through HTTP adaptive bit rate technology, the servers guarantee that viewers receive the best possible video quality.

Utilizing Broadpeak’s CDN Mediator BkM100, a unified content delivery network manager, Telecable will effectively manage load balancing and failover tasks. The BkM100 system continuously monitors the popularity of content based on subscriber usage patterns to deliver VoD content in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Through this portal, the operator can easily define how content is distributed to different points of presence (PoP).

Broadpeak’s BkA100 video delivery analytics software solution aggregates data from various components of the video delivery chain, providing Telecable with meaningful information in a variety of formats. Through an intuitive graphical user interface, Telecable can filter the data at all levels to improve system management and QoS, increasing customer satisfaction and revenue streams. Using the BkA100, Telecable personnel can receive daily reports about content, sessions, VoD and live services, alarm information, and more. The BkA100 features a collection of sophisticated capabilities, including map views, personalised user profiles, and top 10 sorting and filtering, to provide Telecable with customized information about the OTT service.

“We live in a multiscreen world where consumers expect video content on a wide range of devices, including TVs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO, Broadpeak. “Relying on a comprehensive CDN and streaming server solution from Broadpeak, Telecable can deliver more than just an OTT multiscreen service to their customers — they can provide an exceptional quality of service while also lowering their capital and operating expenses.”

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