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DTG testing scheduled for Freeview Tablet TV UK

April 10, 2014

Further to its recent update on the commercial availability of its Tablet TV service and announcement of its first full market beta test this summer in San Francisco, digital TV software solutions provider Motive Television has revealed that it has received confirmation that testing of its technology for Freeview Tablet TV by the UK’s Digital Technology Group will begin on 28 April.

Approval by DTG is necessary for the product to be certified Freeview compliant. Motive is seeking to have testing and approval completed in time to have the product on the store shelves in time for the World Cup in June.

In addition, the Company is planning with its hardware partner iCube, makers of the TVizen tuner-antennas, for distribution and marketing of the new product.

Leonard M Fertig, CEO of Motive, said the company had been working to make it possible for football fans to be able to watch and record the World Cup matches starting June as well as have the complete Freeview experience on their tablets, including red button interactivity. “Motive is confident that Freeview on your tablet will be a very attractive product for the 20 million UK tablet users,” he declared.

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