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VSN acquires M-Fact

April 10, 2014

Multimedia content management specialist VSN has acquired M-Fact, an R&D Enterprise that has developed a unique real time ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) system. M-Fact’s technology facilitates the unification of the Offline and Online worlds (TV/Radio and Internet). Based on its content recognition system, it is possible to monitor and audit in real time all content aired on TV and radio. The technology can be used, amongst other things, for copyright protection, advertising and election monitoring and auditing. M-Fact’s offering covers the synchronisation of online and offline content, multiscreen synchronisation and Second Screen applications, enabling the monetisation of these platforms.

Within the offered range of products and services, M-Fact provides an SDK for the construction of Second Screen Apps, which allow for real time ratings and audience measurement, automatic TV channel detection and synchronisation of contents with the main screen. In this way it is possible to make traditional TV content available in the on-line domain, increasing engagement, whilst providing more detailed and accurate information tan traditional human-run meter measurement does.

Using this technology, it is possible to perform direct targeted advertisement, as well as sending multimedia content (such as interactive material, links, banners, videos, etc.) to mobile devices synchronised with the TV broadcast, enriching the viewer experience, and augmenting engagement through social TV experience and Social Network integration.

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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