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Altibox strengthens collaboration with Witbe

April 14, 2014

Witbe, the next generation quality monitoring company, has announced that Altibox, a provider of triple-play solutions in Norway, has deployed its Video Quality Assurance solution to automate testing of all their OTT Video Contents and services on PC, smartphones and tablets.

Altibox has been working on perfecting their Quality of Experience with Witbe’s solutions since 2011. The partnership began when Witbe won the bid for Test and Validation of services through the operator’s STBs. Appreciating the efficiency of the solution, its ease of use and implementation, Altibox decided to extend the scope of their automated tests to their OTT video services on iOS and Android mobile devices and on their new on-Line Video Platform “TV Overalt”.

“Mobiles devices have grown to become an integral part in our customer’s lifestyle to view the contents we provide. It became manifest, we needed to apply very strict quality standards to these new video services just as we do for IPTV”

Says Jarle Johnsen Head of IPTV of Altibox. “We were highly satisfied with Witbe’s products and professional services so far, that’s why we chose to extend the functional scope of their solution when we decided to transpose the test automation processes to our multiscreen applications with the OTT challenges.”

The selected solution, composed of multiple post-device End-to-End Monitoring Witbe Robots, entitles to emulate real-life actions of video/OTT on Smartphones, tablets and PC. Witbe’s Robots are able to perform complex test scenarios; on cross-device converging services among others, and reiterate them systematically and repeatedly on delimited time frames. It becomes possible to identify malfunctions, their root-causes and to delimit liabilities (inter-domain responsibilities) to proactively solve issues. Tests results are rendered, in real-time, via Witbe’s Experience Center platform, in intuitive and easy-to-read dashboards.

Thanks to Witbe’s test and validation solution, Altibox resources will be able to be used at best: The validation process is fully automated, free-flowing and quick. Engineers will gain efficiency on test execution but also on reporting, they can focus their attention on quality improvement instead of finding ways to reproduce malfunctions and to test services in real-life conditions 24/7.

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