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CBS opts for Sony solutions

April 14, 2014

CBS Worldwide Distribution (CWD) plans to roll-out a unique combination of Sony’s Media Backbone Enterprise Management System and System Watch monitoring technology. CBS Worldwide Distribution is the unit that digitally distributes content domestically to more than 1,300 commercial TV stations and internationally to 120 countries in multiple languages, as well as offers a host of content services including in-house closed captioning, DVD mastering and the delivery of content to streaming video providers and content aggregators.

According to CWD, the use of Sony’s Media Backbone Enterprise Management System will allow content to be easily ingested, shared, reviewed and distributed in a more timely fashion. Multiple users will be able to access the same content simultaneously, and the system will make it easier for providers to pull down content for use.

The solution leverages the collaboration between Sony and Xytech, which will provide order management, federated asset repositories and automate the initiation and monitoring of content workflows. In addition, the use of Sony’s System Watch remote monitoring application will help the group significantly reduce downtime in its content delivery process, alerting network administrators to any issues occurring throughout the distribution process.

“Since CBS is the most watched television network, their content is in high demand for syndication on local broadcast TV stations, cable and satellite networks, and over-the-top service providers. CWD makes over 3.5 million air dates a year with a very decreasing time to delivery windows,” said Bob Ross, SVP of East Coast Operations. “With this combination of Sony and Xytech technologies, we will be better prepared to keep the pipeline of content flowing to aggregators, cable companies and other providers, ensuring that consumers ultimately receive the best possible experience.”

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