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Romania pay-TV subs up 6%

April 22, 2014

By Chris Forrester

DTH subscribers in Romania fell back 0.2 per cent, but cable growth for 2013 was a healthy 8.7 per cent up on 2012, according to Romania’s media regulator ANCOM.

The overall subscriber total at December 31st was 6.4 million pay-TV subs, with more than 85 per cent of Romanian TV homes now paying for TV services.

Of that 6.4 million, 4.1 million were hooked into cable (up 8.7 per cent), 2.2 million were viewing on DTH satellite (down 0.2 per cent) and 56,000 were using IPTV technology (up 49 per cent).

Digital cable users numbered 1.5 million (up 25 per cent).

However, ANCOM is less than happy with many of the country’s electronic communications providers. ANCOM has suspended 49 operators for 60 days because of their failure to provide statistical data to the regulator. A total of 187 providers were initially warned that failure would see them closed down, and an extra 45 days was granted for compliance. The remaining 49 operators still failed to come up with the required information.

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