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Xaxis links broadcast TV and mobile device advertising with Xaxis Sync

April 23, 2014

Xaxis, the programmatic media and technology platform, has announced the launch of a real-time, multi-screen advertising technology called Xaxis Sync. Xaxis Sync is the first fully programmatic product to allow advertisers to deliver coordinated ads on viewers’ mobile devices simultaneously with commercials running on their televisions. The product provides a compelling method for reaching viewers as they shift their attention from the TV screen to their smartphone, tablet or laptop during commercial breaks.

Xaxis Sync leverages existing video identification technology to capture and analyse metadata about television spots airing on more than 2,000 channels across the globe.  When a spot runs, Xaxis is able to use this metadata as a trigger to deliver complementary ads on viewers’ smartphones laptops or tablets that run within 2 seconds after the start of the TV spot.  Because Xaxis has at-scale access to mobile Web, in-app and online inventory on the most heavily trafficked apps and websites, Xaxis Sync provides advertisers with an effective tool to re-engage with lost TV viewers in real-time.

“Multi-screen is increasingly how global consumers watch television and it’s become crystal clear to broadcast advertisers that they need to develop a coherent strategy for engaging these viewers,” said Brian Lesser, Global CEO of Xaxis. “Xaxis Sync meets consumers where they are, bringing the reach and accuracy of real-time programmatic to second-screen advertising across the most trafficked apps, mobile properties and websites.”

Initially developed in the Netherlands with wholly owned Xaxis subsidiary Bannerconnect, and in partnership with digital technology firm Civolution, Xaxis Sync has been successfully utilised in test campaigns in the Netherlands, the UK and Italy.  Now available in the US as well as several additional European countries, Xaxis Sync extends the brand experience beyond the television to reach consumers as they access media across the digital device landscape.  In addition to providing unparalleled, second-screen inventory reach, Xaxis Sync helps ensure brands they are maximising their television efforts in the fast growing multi-screen environment.

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