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Ads and ratings growth for Atresmedia TV

April 25, 2014

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Atresmedia TV, operator of Antena 3 TV and La Sexta among other channels, is now leading the TV market in Spain in terms of ad revenues and audience ratings, ahead of rival Mediaset.

The TV group took a 43.8 per cent slice of the advertising pie during the first quarter of the year, the highest share in the market and in the history of the TV company. In terms of audience ratings, the group drew a 30 per cent share across all its channels with Antena 3 TV pulling in an average of 14.1 per cent. In the commercial sector, the group is also a market leader with a share of 32.6 per cent.

Overall, the Atresmedia group managed to triple profit to €3.3 million with an EBITDA of €12.5 million, up 55.3 per cent. The TV division increased its revenues by 4.5 per cent to €184.6 million.

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