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Youku Tudou partners with Smart TV, OTT devices

April 25, 2014

Youku Tudou, the China-based Internet television company, has signed strategic partnerships with most of China’s leading smart TV and OTT manufacturers, 8 of which are an exclusive integration of the pre-installed Youku Tudou App.

In April, Youku announces four new partnerships with OTT companies. All four partnerships include the exclusively pre-installed Youku Tudou TV app. Partners include: Huawei Technologies, ZTE 9 Network Technology, Goldweb Technologies and Jiuzhou Electronic Technology.

The four additional partnerships bring Youku Tudou into strategic alliances with all top 10 major OTT manufacturers, including Coship Electronics. Youku Tudou is also in partnership with China’s top six smart TV players, with Changhong, Haier and Konka all choosing to exclusively preinstall Youku Tudou App. Youku Tudou’s applications are available on smart TV and OTT hardware created by dozens of smaller smart TV companies and OTT manufacturers.

The Youku Tudou TV App includes a media player, customised channels, social features and search capabilities among other features. All OTT users will be able to access more than 7,000 titles of licensed TV dramas, films and other programming as well as hundreds of in-house productions created by and, as well as over 100 million user generated content.

“We are very pleased to see the early success of our OTT strategy, which proves that Youku Tudou’s brand, content and technology is well respected by our partners,” Yao Jian, Chief Technology Officer of Youku Tudou Inc., said. “This area is key to our own multi-screen strategy as more Chinese viewers opt to consume entertainment on a myriad of devices, ranging from televisions to smartphones. Our adaptation to this trend positions Youku Tudou as a stronger leader in a multiscreen world.”

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