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Box TV adds targeted ads

April 29, 2014

Box TV is dynamically serving replacement adverts firstly into its simulcast and then app streams in real-time.

Using in-stream ad-replacement technology developed by Yospace, with ad decisioning performed by Tremor Video, Box TV will provide an alternative online advertising solution where brands can target audiences by channel and environment using viewer data.

Julie Wright, Business Development and Commercial Director at Box TV, says: “We’re passionate about bringing viewer-friendly advertising technology to our partners, audiences and products. So we are proud to be the first TV network in the UK to introduce laser-focused ad break replacement to our simulcast player and The Box+ app. We can now provide our clients with a more tailored and relevant approach when advertising online and on-air – it’s a unique position to be in.”

The new adverts can be interactive, so users can click straight through to the dedicated brand website. There will also be enhanced data available to advertisers, who will be able to measure click-through rates within mobile app environments.

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace, says: “Our platform delivers a genuine TV viewing experience whilst enabling fully personalised in-stream ad replacement, unlocking an entirely new revenue stream for broadcasters as well as giving advertisers a measureable new platform to advertise on. We are extremely excited to work with Box TV on this UK industry first.”

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