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Vyve Broadband announces channel changes

April 30, 2014

Vyve Broadband is implementing the first step in its TV Revolution campaign to shake up the way TV content is delivered to its customers. Vyve has announced sweeping changes to its programming choices, including the launch of numerous frequently requested channels and the dropping of the Viacom family of channels. In addition to the new channels, Vyve has also launched Watch TV Everywhere, a whole new way to access TV programming via the Internet.

The new customer-requested channels include children’s entertainment channels Boomerang and Sprout, family-oriented UP, political news and commentary channel TheBlaze, action oriented family channel MavTV and Hallmark Movie Channel. Vyve has received repeated inquiries from customers about adding these channels. A full list of new and updated channels now available to Vyve customers can be viewed at

The Viacom channels, including MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, are being dropped as the result of annual programming fee increases recently announced by Viacom that would have doubled programming rates over the next five years. This would significantly increase Vyve customers’ monthly costs, since programming fees account for the bulk of customer bills. In addition to concern about passing these rapidly increasing costs on to its customers, Vyve also took into consideration the declining ratings of Viacom channels. Viacom programming will be removed from Vyve’s cable TV line-up starting May 1.

As part of its TV Revolution, Vyve Broadband is introducing alternative ways to view TV content, including Watch TV Everywhere and other Internet TV viewing options. Watch TV Everywhere is now being rolled out to Vyve Broadband video customers and can be accessed using any Internet connection, including Vyve Broadband’s market-leading, super-fast Internet service. Watch TV Everywhere allows Vyve Broadband customers to watch their favourite shows from participating channels anytime, anywhere and on any device.

In addition to innovative products such as Watch TV Everywhere, Vyve Broadband is leveraging its high-speed broadband capabilities to connect customers to a limitless number of television shows and movies available to stream online through popular services, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. Most Viacom programs are available to view online.

“Everything we do at Vyve is aimed at creating a customer experience that is unequalled in broadband speed and entertainment value,” said Jeffrey DeMond, chief executive officer for Vyve Broadband. “The new channels we are introducing offer an exciting range of entertainment options, including many networks that our customers have been asking for. And although it was a difficult decision to remove the Viacom channels, giving in to their demands would have violated our commitment of providing our customers with the best possible product at the greatest value.”

“In addition, the introduction of Watch TV Everywhere dovetails fantastically with the channel line-up adjustments we’ve made and with the national trend toward offering consumers more programming content through the Internet,” DeMond said. “With a Vyve Broadband connection, our customers have access to a wide array of content, including most Viacom programs, through other online sources, such as Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon, iTunes and Netflix — all of which can all be accessed through Vyve’s broadband service.”

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