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Brightcove launches video marketing suite

May 8, 2014

Brightcove has launched the Brightcove Video Marketing Suite to help marketers drive awareness, engagement and conversion with video. The Brightcove Video Marketing Suite is a comprehensive suite of technologies built for the needs of the modern marketer, combining industry-leading video management, video marketing and analytics to help brands maximize the reach and ROI of their video campaigns with a single solution.

“The digital marketing space is evolving and expanding rapidly, with marketing budgets reallocated from traditional advertising models to experience and content-driven marketing,” said Steve Rotter, vice president of marketing at Brightcove. “Brands are becoming digital publishers, creating original content to attract and retain customers, and video is a crucial part of their marketing mix. With today’s announcement, Brightcove is making it easy for marketers to utilize video as part of larger campaigns with a single, unified interface that supports new discovery, delivery and conversion models.”

Video has quickly risen to be one of the most critical components of the marketing mix. This dramatic growth has been driven largely by the global shift in audience consumption patterns from text to rich media, the disruptive changes in buyer behaviour toward a self-directed, content-driven buyer experience, as well as an explosion of technologies focused on supporting marketing’s new role as the primary driver of digital demand. As a result, today’s digital marketers need integrated, interoperable solutions to help drive all of their content marketing and demand generation activities.

The Brightcove Video Marketing Suite addresses this need by providing a comprehensive suite of video technologies that combine industry-leading video solutions to help marketers maximize ROI. The Video Marketing Suite consists of the Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform and Video Cloud Live, Brightcove Gallery (see below), and a number of marketing automation software integrations, including a new Brightcove Cloud Component for Oracle Eloqua (see below).

Brightcove has also unveiled a new product that enables marketers to easily create immersive video portal experiences. Brightcove Gallery enables marketers to create engaging video portal experiences with best practices for SEO, responsive design, social sharing and conversion all in a single solution that can be implemented and updated in just minutes.

“Video is a primary tool in online marketing strategies to engage customers, build brand awareness and drive conversions,” said Steve Rotter, vice president of marketing at Brightcove. “As marketers bring more and more video content online, they need solutions to be able to publish and distribute their video libraries and ensure they can reach audiences on any device. With Gallery, the possibilities are endless and we’re excited to help marketers deliver engaging, impactful video portal experiences of all kinds.”

Nucleus Research, a global provider of investigative, case-based technology research recently completed a benefits study on behalf of Brightcove which concluded that a major technology vendor was able to increase the amount of time users spend on its website by almost 100%, as well as increase the number of product demo requests, through a video portal approach.

“In our recent analysis of Brightcove customers, Nucleus found that customers were able to increase their engagement with Web site visitors, in some instances as much as doubling their time on the Web site,” said Joseph Rojas, research analyst at Nucleus Research. “We also saw that customers were able to more effectively manage their brand by quickly deploying custom video content encoded for virtually any device.”

Part of the Brightcove Video Marketing Suite (see separate release), Gallery enables marketers to create their own video channel, launch product showcases, build event microsites, or engage customers with a video support centre by taking advantage a range of templates, layouts and colour combinations to create their perfect portal experience.

Brightcovehas further announced it has partnered with Oracle Eloqua to launch the Brightcove Cloud Component for Oracle Eloqua, a powerful new integration that links Brightcove’s next-generation video capabilities with the power of Oracle Eloqua, one of the industry’s leading marketing automation platform. Through this integration, marketers can easily add Brightcove Video Cloud-powered videos to their Oracle Eloqua landing pages and campaigns, and then track user engagement and performance for lead scoring, segmentation and nurture campaign analytics. The Brightcove Cloud Component for Oracle Eloqua is part of the new Brightcove Video Marketing Suite (see above).

Marketing automation is transforming customer engagement, helping brands deliver the right content to the right people at the right time more effectively than ever. At the same time, many marketing automation systems have been unable to support video — the most powerful kind of content in the content marketing mix — until now. By introducing simple, business-friendly integrations with leading marketing automation systems like Oracle Eloqua, Brightcove is making it possible for the first time to bring together the best of marketing automation and video content marketing.

With the Brightcove Cloud Component for Oracle Eloqua, marketers can incorporate video into all of their Oracle Eloqua-powered campaigns and programs while also capturing rich video analytics in the same environment for unprecedented insight, and use this insight for lead scoring, segmentation efforts and nurture campaigns. The pre-packaged integration, which is available free in Oracle Eloqua’s App Cloud and in Brightcove’s Video Marketing Suite, enables joint customers to harness the power of video, publishing it and tracking it like any other asset in Oracle Eloqua, while also taking advantage of Video Cloud’s ability to ensure smooth video playback on any device.

“Marketing automation systems play a key role in content marketing strategies, so it’s crucial there is a tight integration with video to ensure brands have comprehensive insight into the performance of their content,” said Steve Rotter, vice president of marketing at Brightcove. “We are excited to partner with Oracle Eloqua to bring together the leaders in marketing automation and video and make it easier than ever to add video to every type of asset and campaign, as well as capture the rich metrics marketers need to empower sales and increase their effectiveness.”

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