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MMS to measure online and mobile ads in Sweden

May 14, 2014

MMS in Sweden will measure advertisement shown on computers, tablets and smart phones from the broadcasters TV4, Modern Times Group (MTG) and SBS Discovery marking the first time the country’s non-linear advertisement viewing figures will be captured by one institute.

MTG has four linear free-TV channels in Sweden with corresponding catch up services that are available online. Programmes from all channels are also available on the TV3 app for iOS and Android.

MMS, Mediamätning i Skandinavien AB, has been the official measurement institute with respect to television viewing in Sweden since 1993. MTG was one of the founders of MMS, which is jointly owned by Swedish media and television companies and currently measures around 185 channels in Sweden.

All campaigns that started 12 May 2014 will measured and the data will be publically available. The sample audience will be 100 panel members taken from the traditional TV sample audience. The measurement is limited to live and time shifted viewing within 8 days, and does not include preview and archive material. The Association of Swedish Media Agencies and Association of Swedish Advertisers have agreed that the MMS’s data will be the official viewing data.

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