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NimbleTV domestic rollout

May 21, 2014

NimbleTV, the cloud-based TV service, has announced its latest domestic expansion plans in the US.

NimbleTV enables customers with a cable subscription to watch TV from any location, on any device. Since last year, cable subscribers of Time Warner Cable, RCN, Cablevision and FiOS in the New York metro area have been able to “Nimble-ise” their pay-TV plans by putting them in the cloud, allowing them to view their local programming anywhere. Also, customers without an existing cable subscription have been able to use NimbleTV’s concierge to sign-up for a plan via a service provider in their area, which is also put in the cloud.

The company has now announced its service will expand beyond New York. NimbleTV will support channels from Chicago beginning August 1st, and later this year will add local channels from Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Customers in these cities will be able to Nimble-ize their local, basic and premium cable channels, making them accessible throughout their homes, around town – or across the globe.

All packages include cloud-based HD-DVR with nearly limitless recording that eliminates scheduling conflicts.

“It’s true that TV today is everywhere – it’s all over the place, and it’s a mess. Pay TV is fragmented across devices, locations and providers. NimbleTV’s simple mission is to unify the viewing experience, making the TV that consumers are already paying for easily accessible to them, on their own terms,” said Anand Subramanian, founder and CEO of NimbleTV. “Supporting programming from cities across the country brings us one step closer to our goal, while respecting the existing TV ecosystem that pays creators for their content.”

NimbleTV has no affiliation with any cable or satellite operator. It works on Roku, Apple TV, Internet-enabled TVs, the latest browsers and operating systems, iOS and some Android devices.

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