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MetraWeather launches new weather graphics content portal

June 2, 2014

MetraWeather, a provider of forecast data and weather presentation services, has joined forces with Red Touch Media to launch a new e-store to streamline the distribution of ready-to-play weather clips.

The MetraWeather ClipStore portal enables news producers and editors to review, purchase and download high-quality, location-specific weather clips.

ClipStore will launch with forecasts and weather news clips for major European cities and countries.

In the future, ClipStore will add news clips of weather events and forecasts for special events including festivals, live performances and sports tournaments.

Broadcasters and online news agencies may purchase clips ready for programming, or request MetraWeather to upload bespoke, branded clips tailored for their audiences.

Alongside the European clips, ClipStore will also offer match-by-match forecasts for the football fixtures in Brazil over June and July, 2014.

“Weather used to be in the news. Now it is the news. Broadcasters recognise that leading their news programming with compelling weather bulletins is a powerful drawcard for viewers and advertisers looking for a highly-engaged audience.”

“In Brazil over June and July, some matches could be played in high-levels of humidity that might be draining in high-intensity matches. ClipStore will help broadcasters complement their coverage with match-by-match weather bulletins about stadium conditions,” says MetraWeather GM Media, Angus Swainson.

“ClipStore offers a light touch, low-cost weather presentation service for broadcasters looking to minimise their investment in graphics software and hardware while delivering high-quality weather forecasts.”

ClipStore clips are produced on the MetraWeather Weatherscape XT presentation platform that’s used by broadcasters, including the BBC and Nine Network in Australia, to produce engaging weather programmes.

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