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ARRIS: Media consumption trends mean monetisation opportunities

June 4, 2014

From Colin Mann in Barcelona

According to Sandy Howe, SVP, Global Marketing, ARRIS, a number of key findings from the firm’s recently-published Consumer Entertainment Index suggest that Service Providers should take advantage of additional monetisation opportunities based on their pay-TV subscribers’ entertainment consumption habits, expectations and needs.

She told media delegates at ARRIS’s Video Leadership Forum that 30 per cent of those who used a device to engage with a programme were making purchases associated with the TV programmes.

Furthermore, survey respondents expressed interest in a service that stored their content remotely in return for advertisements. Sixty-two per cent said they would be happy to be shown a few advertisements if it meant they received the storage for free.

More than half of consumers in China and India would pay to record multiple programmes at the same time, and globally, a third of respondents said they would pay for cloud storage if it came as part of a bundled deal or as an additional service.

“These are areas that Service Providers should be considering to further monetise their existing offerings,” she suggested.

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