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MPAA, Xunlei agree anti-piracy pact

June 4, 2014

By Colin Mann

Shenzhen Xunlei Networking Technologies (Xunlei), one of the largest and most popular Chinese-language video websites in China, and the Motion Picture Association of America have agreed to work together to promote legitimate access to film and television shows online.

The MPAA, and its member companies, and Xunlei have entered into a comprehensive Content Protection Agreement (CPA) to protect film and television content online, and to educate users on how best to access only legal versions of films and television shows. Under the CPA, Xunlei has agreed to implement a comprehensive system of measures to prevent unauthorised downloading of and access to MPAA member company copyrighted works.

Among these measures, Xunlei will implement an established content-recognition technology system that will ensure that the MPAA members’ copyrighted content available through Xunlei’s services is properly licensed.

The steps are aimed to counter the suspected mass infringement of MPAA member studios titles on Xunlei’s services. Xunlei and the MPAA and its members will also cooperate going forward to ensure the continued effectiveness of these content protection measures. The two organisations will work together on the implementation of the content protection measures, and formalise educational communications to help inform users about the damage caused by uploading and downloading creative content without authorisation.

Steven Fabrizio, the MPAA’s Senior Executive Vice President and Global General Counsel, said the online video sector in China was moving purposefully toward an environment that would help sustain a viable, long- term online video business, ensure the creative work of rights holders is sufficiently protected, and provide audiences with a quality, legitimate viewing experience. “With the largest number of Internet users in the world, the Chinese market offers tremendous potential for content creators to make their works available online to hundreds of millions of consumers. This agreement is an important step forward in carrying out the MPAA’s mission in this significant market,” he declared,

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