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Millicom pay-TV services in Costa Rica, Honduras

June 5, 2014

Millicom the international telecommunications and media company, has launched satellite pay-TV services in two more countries, Costa Rica and Honduras, in the past week. These follow the first two services in Bolivia and El Salvador, which began operations in April and May this year.

The services are part of the “Tigo Star” branded range of services which launched in Latin America in March 2014 to promote the take-up of broadband, and cable and satellite pay-TV.

Via satellite consumers in Costa Rica and Honduras now have a choice of over 70 channels, including premium sport and films, of which four are in HD.

Commenting on the launches, Millicom’s CEO and President, Hans-Holger Albrecht, said “I am delighted that the majority of our operations in Latin America are now able to offer customers a full and competitive range of diversified digital services including mobile, broadband, cable and now satellite pay-TV. Millicom continues to transform into a complete digital lifestyle provider with satellite being able to reach all parts of the countries where we offer this service.”

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