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Hitron demos headless gateway functionality

June 10, 2014

Hitron Technologies, a supplier of innovative DOCSIS products, demonstrates headless gateway functionality on its mainstream EuroDOCSIS 3.0 gateway CGNV4 based on DVBC2IP and RDK2.0.

Hitron’s innovation teams have been working to integrate headless gateway functionality on the CGNV4’s application processor. During the recent ANGACOM, Hitron demonstrated the RDK 2.0 implementation showing live video streaming with a full PVR user experience. Recordings and time-shift buffer of the live video are stored on an external USB hard disk drive.

“With headless gateway functionality on our mainstream products Hitron shows that its innovative capabilities are truly end-user driven.” said Luke Van Lierop, Vice President and Managing Director of Hitron Technologies Europe. He continues: “Convergence of TV and broadband is yet to come, but mainstream CGNV4 already enables operators and end-users to benefit from both without the need of CAPEX and OPEX investments”.

The headless gateway uses up to eight of CGNV4’s twenty-four downstream tuners. Due to its powerful core processors CGNV4 is capable of running as full functional headless gateway, eMTA and IEEE802.11ac dualband concurrent wireless broadband router at the same time. Luke van Lierop concludes: “We are convinced that CGNV4’s headless gateway capabilities will improve business models for our cable operator customers. Our next step is to further extend the number of downstreams for our products in 2015”.

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