Advanced Television

Televes launches DigiMod modulator

June 10, 2014

Televes has launched the new DigiMod, a domestic modulator that allows users to convert any analogue signal in A/V (Audio/Video) format, or any HDMI source into another DTT channel.

The applications are endless, as signals from sources like CCTVs, cameras, analogue VCRs, DVD or Blu-ray receivers, etc. can be incorporated to all televisions in the home as another DTT channel, which will enable viewing of the content anywhere in the home.

The DigiMod modulator mixes the signal from the antenna with the additional A/V or HDMI source into a single output source onto the distribution network in buildings and homes. The device also includes a USB port that allows content to be downloaded as a video file. The output DTT signal can be configured and adjusted for optimum levels.

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