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DVB-T2 delivers HEVC encoded UHD and mobile TV

June 16, 2014

This year at Broadcast Asia, visitors to the DVB stand can witness the power and flexibility of DVB-T2.  In a groundbreaking demo, DVB-T2 is used to deliver a wide range of resolutions from Ultra-HD down to the smaller screen resolutions for mobile devices including smartphones. Using the second-generation terrestrial transmission standard, an HEVC encoded UHD service and a mobile service are being delivered in a single 8 MHz channel.

The UHD service, with content encoded by Envivio, is transmitted using a portable Dektec modulator and is received and displayed on a 55” UHDTV from Sony with built-in HEVC decoder. The mobile service is received on an Aprotech Walka handheld TV with 7” viewing screen as well as on Samart i-Mobile smartphones and tablet, which are some of the first commercially available mobile devices with embedded DVB-T2 receivers.

The mixing of DVB-T2 multiple services in one multiplex is enabled through the use of Multiple PLPs (Physical Layer Pipes), a feature of DVB-T2 that allows for the separate adjustment of the robustness of each delivered service within a channel to meet the required reception conditions. DVB-T2 is currently on-air in 24 countries and has been adopted in an additional 35.

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