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Dispute between ViaSat and SS/L continues

June 23, 2014

US satellite broadband supplier ViaSat is seeking a Court-imposed injunction to stop Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) building at least one satellite. ViaSat alleges that SS/L is continuing to violate patents that it holds. ViaSat has already been awarded $283 million in damages and compensation following on from a jury trial against SS/L.
Loral Space & Communications, which now owns SS/L, is seeking to have that penalty set aside.

However, this latest series of allegations concerns a pair of satellites being built for EchoStar. The disputed satellites are being built for EchoStar (the EchoStar 17 and 19 craft) and could potentially include another two satellites for Australian broadband operator, NBN.

This latest action centres on ViaSat’s claim that SS/L – and its new owners – has deliberately continued to violate ViaSat’s patents. The action also asks the court to award a further $41 million in interest payments on the unpaid penalty. The case will come to trial on August 7th.

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