Abu Dhabi TV drops Arabsat

Abu Dhabi TV Network is abandoning its transmissions from Arabsat’s Badr 6 satellite, effective July 1st. The media group, in a brief statement June 27th, said that viewers could continue watching the company’s channels on Nilesat.

Abu Dhabi, part of Abu Dhabi Media, is a broadcasting and content giant in the region. Owned by the government, it backs the Abu Dhabi Media Zone, the Middle East International Film Festival and the Image Nation production house.

In total, Abu Dhabi TV Network broadcasts 20 encrypted channels, and almost all in HDTV.

It is not yet clear as to the reasons behind the move. Arabsat has made no comment, and the situation isn’t helped by the news breaking on a Friday.

Arabsat’s Badr-6 satellite operates from 26 degrees East, Arabsat’s ‘hot spot’ and home to most of the region’s popular channels.

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