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11m views in 2 years for eLearning company Dr Najeeb Lectures

July 7, 2014

Multi million dollar eLearning company Dr Najeeb Lectures has reached its latest business milestone: 11 million video views. CEO Zeeshan Najeeb attributes the company’s success to a commitment to quality, both in the content it produces and the playback of its video lectures, “It’s really, really important that we give our students a quality viewing experience. Dr Najeeb has nearly 30 years experience as a medical sciences lecturer which means we’re able to bring a high level of expertise to our lectures and we then stream all of those videos using vzaar. The combination of quality video streaming plus quality content has been a winning combination.”

To celebrate its success, Dr Najeeb Lectures shared this blog post detailing how the company has amassed 100,000 subscribers and 450,000 Facebook fans – in addition to its 11 million views.
The popularity of Dr Najeeb Lectures illustrates the growing demand among students for online video, “Dr Najeeb Lectures only began because Dr Najeeb’s own students were requesting video. When we started uploading out video lectures online it very quickly became clear there was a real need for this service; we had thousands of views in just a few weeks,” notes Zeeshan. His comments corroborate the latest figures on the meteoric rise of online video among the new generation of students:
– Today’s students watch four times as much online video as older generations (MarketingMag)
– Students are 30 per cent more likely to watch a video lecture at home than complete a written task (New York Times)
– 89 per cent of students agree that video lectures are effective in communicating course content (Online Learning Insights)
vzaar’s VP of Sales Jim Henry adds, “Over the past seven years vzaar has supported millions of videos from businesses all over the world. Throughout that time we have seen significant growth in the eLearning market; there is a massive international audience crying out for video lectures. More and more eLearning companies, like Dr Najeeb Lectures, are turning to professional video hosting because they need a reliably way to meet that demand.”
“We sell our video lectures to a global audience of 100,000 students so when I say that video is at the very heart of our business, I mean it!” says Zeeshan, “Choosing vzaar was one of the best devisions we have made for our business. We really couldn’t have done it without them; the video security means only those who sign up to the course can view the videos plus video playback has always been fast and reliable. When you’ve got a global audience of video-hungry students long loading times and buffering just isn’t an option – with vzaar we’re in expert hands.”

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