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Fox Sports to rebrand across Asia

July 7, 2014

Fox International Channels (FIC), the Asian pay-TV network, has revealed it will implement a wide-scale upgrade to its Fox Sports Asia network, effective August 15th.  The change will see the network rebrand its portfolio of channels which currently include Fox Sports, Fox Sports Plus HD, Star Sports to Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2 and Fox Sports 3, all of which will be available in both SD and HD.  This change will take effect in all countries across Asia where Fox Sports network channels are available, with the exception of China and South Korea where the Star Sports brand will be offered. Fox Sports News and Fox Football Channel HD will remain unchanged and Fox Sports Play and Fox Sports Mobile will continue to be the network’s non-linear play.

Since launching Fox Sports in Asia in January 2013, FIC has been steadily committed to its mission of changing the sports broadcasting landscape in this region and bringing to audiences not only the sports they want to see, but also the best possible viewing experience.  The launch of Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2 and FOX Sports 3 along with the following upgrade plans all underscore this commitment:

Fox Sports Asia network Joon Lee, EVP of Content & Communications for APAC and Middle East commented: “Since we’ve taken over ESPN Star Sports in 2012 and relaunched it as Fox Sports, our vision has always been to shake things up and change the sports broadcasting paradigm is this region.  Sports viewing is surprisingly relatively low across Asia but those who do watch are passionate sports fans.  Our aim is to service those die-hard fans but also open up sports viewing to new audiences in a big way.  Watching sports in Asia should be a family affair, it should speak to women as much as it does traditionally to men, we should be inspiring kids to play sports and be active.  We can only start to change the way these audiences think about sports viewing by doing things differently like making sports more accessible through offering the content in as many local languages as possible, and making it more relevant by bringing to screens in each country across Asia sports that are locally popular.”

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