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Box office boosts China 3D

July 9, 2014

By Chris Forrester

3dtvChina’s 3D-based box office revenues have grown fivefold since 2010, and show no sign of letting up. Indeed, whether it is in the movie theatre or on the TV set, China is very much keeping the flame of 3D alive.

North America’s enthusiasm for 3D has – at best – flattened, if the cinema box office is any guide.  The US is still the world’s biggest 3D market but revenues have declined for the fourth year running.  International markets, according to a report from IHS Technology’s Media & Technology Digest, also saw 3D box office revenues decline.

China is helping drive the 3D business with a strong portfolio of locally produced 3D entertainment which last year accounted for 13.4 per cent of the total international box office for 3D content. ‘International’ (including China) generated 74.1 per cent of the world’s 3D box office revenues (and up a fraction over 2012 which was 73.1 per cent).

IHS says that last year’s 3D global box office grew by 2 per cent, from $7.3 billion in 2012 to $7.4 billion, with 3D representing 21.1 percent of the overall box office revenues, and steady for the second year running.

But when China is examined in detail the 3D enthusiasm is clear. China’s 3D box office grew last year by an amazing 27.3 per cent in revenues, and helped by more 3D screens, more IMAX screens and a loosening up of import restrictions. Last year China added more than 5,000 new cinema screens of which 2,748 were 3D-capable.

After the US and China it is Russia which is booming, and helped by the 3D version of Russian war movie Stalingrad last year.

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