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Over 3,000 on-demand services in Europe

July 10, 2014

A report edited by the European Audiovisual Observatory on On-Demand Audiovisual Markets in the European Union has been published by the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission

The report reveals that as of February 2014, 3 088 on-demand audiovisual services were established in the EU and listed in the MAVISE database of on-demand audiovisual services.

The leading categories are catch-up TV services (1 104 services listed), branded channels of broadcasters on open platforms (711 services listed) and VoD film services (409 listed).

The countries with the most established services are the UK (682 services established), France (434 services established) and Germany (330 services established). Also, 223 services established in the US and targeting European countries are currently available in one or several European countries.

This analysis also highlights the importance of cross-border and international circulation of on-demand audiovisual services. Around 60 per cent of the VoD services available in individual EU Member States are established in one other country. This illustrates the reality of the pan-European circulation of on-demand audiovisual media services through the EU, one of the objectives of the AVMS Directive adopted in 2007.

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