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Tablet TV preps UK retail launch

July 16, 2014

Motive Television, the London-based provider of revenue enhancing solutions to the television industry, signed a final agreement with Korean Digital Media Adapter vendor and broadcasting solution provider icube Corporation. Motive and icube are preparing to release retail products that will enable full-featured and certified Freeview broadcast TV to be received on mobile devices in the United Kingdom.

On December 12th 2013, Motive announced it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with icube to create and integrate its software with icube’s to create a Tablet Television Freeview product for the UK market.

Motive has developed an app that works with devices manufactured by icube that soon will be certified as Freeview-compliant once the process is completed. These are the first products to provide the complete Freeview experience for mobile devices, including ‘red button’ interactivity, and go through this certification procedure. In addition, Motive’s Tablet TV will introduce features with its app software it claims have not before seen in mobile television.

Under this contract, Motive will receive a licence fee from icube for each user of the new product.

Once the current certification process is complete, Motive will announce the availability of its Tablet TV Freeview to the market and icube will make the product available through retail distribution. Motive intends to make its UK technology available for licence to additional hardware manufacturers as opportunities develop.

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