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Wyplay launches Bull Frog 2.0

July 17, 2014

Wyplay, creator of software solutions for pay-TV operators, has announced the immediate availability of version 2.0 of its set-top box middleware, codenamed “Bull Frog”. This new version notably provides fully-integrated support of DTH satellite broadcast pay TV services using the DVB standard on top of already-supported Cable and Terrestrial front-ends.

With Bull Frog, including support for DVB, all Frog by Wyplay Licensees are now able to address 78 per cent of the market thanks to a common field-proven solution, customisable to meet the needs of the most demanding pay-TV operators worldwide. In addition, Wyplay revealed that
the IPTV and OTT hybrid capabilities that it has already developed as
exclusive features deployed by some of its Tier 1 operator customers will be released, fully integrated and documented, to all Frog members as part of version 3.0 before end of year.

“This “Bull Frog” release represents a major milestone for Wyplay, the Frog Community, and the pay TV industry at large.” said Wyplay CEO Jacques Bourgninaud. “It is the first time that the complete, fully-tested and fully integrated software source code of a DVB stack with satellite, cable and terrestrial capabilities is made available through a collaborative ecosystem. The open nature of the Frog community gives digital TV operators worldwide more freedom and a more reliable path to success when it comes to selecting the suppliers for their convergent IPTV /
broadcast devices.”



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