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People-powered cinema arrives in Britain

August 1, 2014

By Colin Mann

A new service drawing on the power of social media and the growing demand for movies on demand will let film fans around the UK take control of their local cinema. ourscreen allows users to create and attend screenings of their favourite films at their local cinema on the big screen and in all their glory.

Now available in 13 cities around the UK – including London, Bath, Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, Henley, Liverpool, Norwich, Oxford, Southampton, Stratford-upon-Avon and York – ourscreen aims to encourage Brits to go to the cinema and experience great films in the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

Film fans can choose from over 200 films available, ranging from previews such as Next Goal Wins, recent hits such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, to classics such as Scarface and The Breakfast Club, with regular updates and ‘must-sees’ being added all the time.

In three easy steps film fans are able to create a private film screening for family and friends or an open event for everyone to enjoy at

  1. Pick a film

  2. Decide where and when

  3. Share your screening as an open or private event

If enough people book tickets the screening happens. ourscreen site software does the maths to calculate required numbers based on participating venue economic parameters.

According to Ian Cartwright, Director of ourscreen, nowadays, cinemas are competing with more and more home entertainment providers, but it’s hard to beat seeing a good film in all its glory on the big screen. “We wanted to empower film fans and local communities to create and attend screenings at their local cinema. We are great supporters of the cinema industry and local exhibitors so we wanted to design something that would be a quick and easy way for everyone to make the cinema truly theirs,” he added.

“We offer more choice and flexibility to film-goers’ cinema experience and we are thrilled to be able to share this platform in 13 cities around the country from today, with more to follow throughout the summer. We are very excited about being part of the future of cinema,” he said.

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