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Stream Web ‘content crowd’ social feed

August 7, 2014

Mobile browser Stream Web has released a new social network with their Public Stream, an anonymous social feed of what everyone in the app is sharing in real time, creating a social network for pure content discovery.

Unlike other web browsers where each individual is browsing in isolation, Stream Web users come to the app to discover new content shared by the community. While browsing, users can choose to share anything they see into the Public Stream, an aggregate of all the app’s shared content. These shared clips are submitted anonymously, placing the emphasis on the content itself instead of who shared it.

“Other social networks concentrate on personal connections, whereas we are building a network that prioritises content over users,” says Paul Canetti, Founder and CEO of Stream, “It’s about discovering great new articles, images, videos, etc.– regardless of who posted them.”

Stream Web was built to make sharing from mobile simple and easy by replacing URLs with actual pieces of content that serve as links. To share a site, a user simply needs to tap and hold on any image or use two fingers to “cut out” an area of the screen. The result is a “clip” that can then be shared to Stream, email, SMS, or any other social network. Clips link back to the sites that they were shared from. The new version of Stream Web is available as a free download on the App Store.

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