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Al Jazeera sued over rights “violation”

August 15, 2014

By Chris Forrester

A Cairo-based satellite TV channel says it will file a lawsuit against Qatar-based Al Jazeera and accuse the news channel of “violating its broadcast rights as the exclusive holder,” according to BBC Monitoring.

The allegation is that the Sada al-Balad channel held the exclusive rights to cover and transmit the retrial hearing of former president of Egypt Husni Mubarak.  Sada al-Balad permitted 72 channels, local, Arab and foreign, to access the signals free of charge and following official requests from each of the channels concerned.

These requests included CNN and Sky News, but Al Jazeera made no such request, according to Ilham Abd-al-Fattah, the MD at Sada al-Balad.

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