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ABOX42 announces new OPX TV User Interface for its SmartSTB line

August 19, 2014

ABOX42, a provider of IPTV, OTT and DVB-Hybrid SmartSTB platforms and services, will launch at IBC 2014 in Amsterdam its new OPX TV latest user interface for all its current product lines like the market proven ABOX42 M-series IPTV & OTT Smart STB line including upcoming 3rd generation product lines. The new OPX TV client has a modern user interface based on six years market experience, to offer operators an easy to deploy solution with a user experience which integrates also all required 3rd generation functionalities.

The OPX TV Client offers a fast and intuitive live TV experience, while being able to mix classical DVB channels with IPTV and OTT channels.

OPX TV is multi language and supports multi character sets. So it can be used worldwide also for non-Latin based languages like e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Thai, kanji, Hebrew, Vietnamese and Russian.

The modular design of the user interface is made for being integrated seamlessly into many different head ends like OTT, IPTV and DVB-networks with either local or network PVR and time shift. The client can be integrated into the operator´s backend and middleware infrastructures to support customer subscriber management systems.


The OPX TV user interface was designed to be used easily without any major learning curve and with special emphasize on a relaxed environment in the living room.


The key features are:

– easy to learn and use even for elderly users

– unified channel lists for DVB and IP channels

– multi-language EPG with extended content like long descriptions, pictures and trailers

– local and network PVR as well as Time-Shift support

– forward and backward EPG for Catch Up and Restart TV

– integration of 3rd party TV Apps like VOD portals

– support of HbbTV and Red-Button services

– operator branded & skinned user interface

“Operator services over time get more complex and offer a much broader and deeper set of functionalities than in the past. With the new OPX TV client we have cleaned up the user experience significantly, while offering all state of the art features of a modern TV service”, says Matthias Greve, CEO of ABOX42 GmbH. “OPX TV is based on fast performing HTML5 and can easily be integrated into existing operator backend and 3rd party middleware solutions.”

OPX TV is supported on all ABOX42 SmartSTB platforms. It runs on the IPTV and OTT models like the well known M12 and M20 SmartSTBs as well as on the upcoming 3rd generation SmartSTB product line.

The OPX TV client is available for deployment starting from IBC 2014.

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