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Mariner xVu monitoring 20m+ devices

August 28, 2014

Mariner, a global player in Software Defined Monitoring (SDM) for IP Video, is seeing strong market growth as TV and entertainment companies take advantage of Mariner xVu to see and solve problems and drive down operational costs. In addition to providing its Mariner xVu solution for some of the world’s largest TV and video operators, Mariner has reached the significant milestone of now having over 20 million devices under management.

Many tier 1 operators are augmenting in-house systems with Mariner software that leverages standardized virtualization and blade server technologies to scale to many more devices, and deliver service agility while driving down TCO costs relative to legacy hardware based probe systems.

“Mariner xVu is the world’s leading SDM solution for IP Video,” said Shaun MacDonald, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Mariner. “Our market is growing as customers are adding new content and bundles for TV, broadband Internet, and mobile devices. With over 20 million devices now under management, it is clear operators are choosing Mariner as a proven and scalable solution to help manage complexity and real-time quality of service.”

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