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MStar licenses CryptoFirewall

August 29, 2014

MStar Semiconductor, a semiconductor company for display and digital home solutions, has licensed the Cryptography Research CryptoFirewall security core for integration into its connected TV solution chips. The CryptoFirewall core will provide operators and OTT distributors utilising MStar-based connected TVs with strong hardware security to protect content and services against piracy.

“Increasingly, consumers want the convenience of viewing all their preferred content from their connected TV. To enable this flexibility, connected TVs must work with multiple operators and OTT distributors using different CAS and DRM systems. The CryptoFirewall security core supports this complex requirement in a unique and innovative way,” said Wayne Tsai, Marketing Director, MStar. “The CryptoFirewall security core delivers both strong hardware security and multi-operator flexibility in our next-generation chips and seamlessly integrates with MStar’s TEE environment.”

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