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NileSat takes Libyan channels down

August 29, 2014

By Chris Forrester

BBC Monitoring is reporting that Cairo-based NileSat has taken nine satellite TV channels off air. They are all seen as pro-Islamist, and the action has been taken in response from Libya’s interim government.

The channels shut down are Libya Al-Wataniyah 1 [National Libyan TV 1], Libya Al-Wataniyah 2 [National Libyan TV 2], Libya Sport 1, Libya Sport 2, Libya Al-Rasmiyah, Libya Al-Hidayah, Libya Education TV and Al-Shababiyah TV.

There are also reports that the channels involved have not been paying their financial obligations.

The BBC report states: “This, however, may not be the only reason. Some of the channels taken off air have been recently adopting a pro-Islamist line. Both the National Libyan TV and Al-Rasmiyah TV channels’ coverage had recently been against Maj-Gen Khalifah Haftar, who has carried out an operation against Islamist militias in Libya.”

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