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Krux integrates Digital Element geolocation

September 3, 2014

Digital Element, aprovider of IP geolocation technology, has announced that Krux, a cross-screen data management solutions provider, has deployed its NetAcuity Edge hyperlocal IP Intelligence technology to improve geographic targeting capability for its global client base.

Krux provides a cross-screen Data Management Platform that captures data from any device – smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and connected TVs – and makes it actionable in real-time across web and mobile browsers, apps, eCommerce and advertising. The integration of Digital Element’s highly accurate IP intelligence solution enhances Krux’s ability to segment audiences, geographically target advertising and localise website content, improving relevance, response and revenues.

“Digital Element’s IP geolocation technology enables a very granular level of geotargeting, which allows advertising and website content to be localised with precision”, explained Jos Boumans, Vice President of Operations at Krux. “We selected NetAcuity Edge, because it is the most accurate data set available globally, and Digital Element is a trusted company, well known to our clients. We have also benefited from an exceptional level of customer support from Digital Element, which has made the integration process straightforward.”

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