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China limits foreign content streaming

September 5, 2014

China’s General Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television (GAPPRFT) have issued new regulations requiring that all overseas film, TV, and animated programmes broadcast online in China be licensed by the GAPPRFT. Online video sites wishing to broadcast foreign film and TV content in China must now apply for relevant ‘Film Public Broadcast’ and ‘TV Programme Distribution’ licences for each programme they carry.

Online video sites in China have until March 31st 2015 to ensure that all foreign-produced content on their video platforms has been properly licensed and registered with the GAPPRFT, and all unlicensed content must be removed by April 1st.

Licensed foreign programmes in any given year cannot be greater than 30 per cent of the total number of licensed domestic programmes in the prior year.

Prior to these new regulations, online video sites in China have been able to license and broadcast foreign content with relative ease, requiring only that online video sites license content from foreign producers and then register said content with the GAPPRFT. Under the previous system, GAPPRFT also allowed online video sites to approve their own content for broadcast online, with little input from the regulator.

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