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ruwido turns over a new leaf

September 8, 2014

By Colin Mann

Home input devices and interaction mechanisms specialist ruwido has unveiled the ‘leaf’ remote control, which it says combines the essence of design and technology. The ‘leaf’ input device was created as a direct result of ruwido’s design and development approach: ‘thinsizing’.

By launching ‘leaf’, ruwido is demonstrating its passion for the most precise technology and manufacturing, reducing all technological components within the remote control to a minimum in terms of size and maximising bandwidth by implementing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for data transmission.

ruwido says the growing complexity of TV is answered by its powerful bidirectional input devices with a reduced and elegant design, touching the emotions of the user by combining different surfaces. Measuring only 2.7 mm in width, ‘leaf’ has a silhouette thinner than a coin cell and is manufactured using high quality aluminium and carbon. The anodised remote control has an in-built keypad, and features integrated speech transmission to allow searching for known content in a more natural way.

According to Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido, says, many interaction mechanisms have been tried, but nothing has turned out to be completely suitable on its own for TV navigation in everyday life. It is imperative that we continue to identify the interaction mechanisms which have already been proven to work, while adapting and enhancing them to meet the evolving needs of today´s TV landscape.”

This understanding led ruwido to its ‘thinsizing’ approach. Contrary to today’s common business practice of combining as many technologies, protocols and input modalities as possible, ‘thinsizing’ allows the company to carefully remove the unnecessary components from the mass of technological options, and to focus on the essentials of how users want to interact in and with their TV environment.

The ‘thinsizing’ approach allows ruwido to support its partners and clients in offering uniquely tailored interaction mechanisms that truly put users back in control of their IPTV service and to enable user experience excellence.

IBC 2014 will mark the début of the ‘leaf’ remote.

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