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TV2 in Denmark goes for R&S DVS systems

September 10, 2014

TV 2, a publicly owned television station based in Odense in Denmark, has opted for high-end Rohde & Schwarz DVS equipment to streamline its workflows. The ingest and production server R&S VENICE as well as the storage solution R&S DVS-SAN will play a vital role in the optimized infrastructure at TV 2. These systems will be bundled into four independent set-ups to optimize the most important part of the distribution operation.

Two independent set-ups – designed in redundancy – each consisting of 40 R&S VENICE channels and one R&S DVS-SAN with 100 TB will be responsible for 24/7 playout of TV 2’s main channel in 8 regional versions and 5 other national channels. Its bridge-building capabilities not only gave the ingest and production server R&S VENICE its name, they also help TV 2 to smoothly integrate parts of its existing equipment such as the playout-automation and digital-archiving systems into its new workflows. As an open system, R&S VENICE could easily be adapted to support LXF, the format used for archiving at TV 2. This way, legacy data can be played out directly, and even mixed with MXF files, without the need for any conversion – resulting in considerable time savings. The fully customizable and ultra-reliable storage solution R&S DVS-SAN offers full redundancy, zero downtime, and seamless failover, making it a perfect fit for 24/7 operation at TV 2.

Another set-up – comprising 32 VENICE channels and another identical 100 TB R&S DVS-SAN – will mainly be used for program ingest and visual quality control. According to common practice at major TV stations, the fourth set-up with four VENICE channels is mainly used to test software upgrades and new workflow options prior to implementing these in the production workflow.

Bruno Martensson, Regional Sales Manager Nordic & Baltic at Rohde & Schwarz: “We are delighted that the renowned TV 2 has opted for R&S DVS equipment. The flexible and open ingest and production server VENICE will streamline production from ingest to playout at TV 2.”

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