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ITV automates multi-platform content delivery

September 11, 2014

Colin Mann @ IBC

UK commercial broadcaster ITV has confirmed the completion of a significant stage in its content delivery modernisation (CDM) project, which successfully automates the broadcasters linear, catch-up and archive content delivery to a variety of platforms using a file-based workflow.

In line with the Digital Production Partnership objectives, the CDM project at ITV has successfully migrated the broadcasters’ content to a file-based distribution and transmission model and brought all catch-up services in house. The improved automated workflow allows ITV to seamlessly deliver its quality content to a variety of platforms such as ITV Player, as well as third parties and platforms in the UK and overseas. The strategy to process all content centrally has enabled the broadcaster to achieve significant efficiencies in the quality, speed and costs associated with delivering content across multiple delivery platforms.

Further successes of the CDM project include:

  • The lowest number of customer complaints on record, with less than 0.5 per cent of catch-up content delivered to platforms after the day of transmission.

  • The fastest delivery of catch-up content on record, with programmes becoming available within two times its duration.

  • The ability to deliver content in single DPP HD file, for example, Duck Dynasty was the first acquired show processed for all catch-up platforms from a DPP HD source and delivered to transmission.

Mark Smith, Director of Technology at ITV, said: “s part of the evolving digital landscape, viewers want to access quality content using a variety of platforms and devices. This presents great opportunities for ITV and we are delighted to have achieved this milestone in our technology roadmap, which allows us to exploit our content across multiple delivery platforms and improve the viewing experience for our audiences. We will continue to work in this area to provide greater benefits for viewers and the wider industry over the coming year.”

CDM complements ITV’s wider strategic objective to achieve its vision of creating world-class content, which can be made famous on its channels before exploiting its value across multiple platforms.

ITV is a leading partner of the Digital Production Partnership and supports the decision for all UK broadcasters to move exclusively to file-based programme exchange by 1 October 2014.

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