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DLNA intros VidiPath

September 13, 2014

The Digital Living Network Alliance has launched the VidiPath Certification program for retail CE products supporting the organization’s subscription TV content-viewing Guidelines. Guidelines have been given the new consumer-friendly VidiPath brand name, which was chosen so that subscription TV customers can more easily find products that best suit their needs for seamlessly enjoying their providers’ content on multiple device platforms in the home.

“We are extremely pleased to be launching the VidiPath Certification Program, and applaud service provider and CE members for developing the consumer-friendly VidiPath brand name that will simplify product shopping and selection as Certified devices become available later this year,” said Scott Lofgren, chairman and president of DLNA. “Consumers will know that VidiPath Certified products can stream and play subscription TV content on multiple, interoperable home devices, and their providers will use the VidiPath brand name to identify services that can be enjoyed on these Certified devices.”

DLNA’s VidiPath Certification program draws on expertise from more than a decade of proven interoperability testing that the organization has performed on over 25,000 device models, enabling more than 3 billion devices to share personal content on many types of devices in the home. The VidiPath Certification program adds key DLNA Certification elements designed to test and validate the extended technology requirements for viewing subscription TV content, including Digital Transmission Content Protection over Internet Protocol (DTCP-IP), HTML-5, authentication capabilities, IEEE 1905.1 and UPnP remote diagnostics, network power save, and adaptive delivery technology to optimize streaming quality. Additionally, VidiPath Certified products will interoperate and share media with the billions of existing DLNA Certified servers. Alliance members have been building and pre-testing products to the new subscription TV content-viewing Guidelines all year, with the goal of accelerating the Certification process. AwoX has developed the first VidiPath Reference Device, a server that can be used to speed time to market for Certified products.


“As products complete the VidiPath Certification process and get introduced into the market, we will be able to provide our services to customers on a growing choice of compatible devices that they can choose based on their unique requirements and preferences,” said Ken Klaer, senior vice president, Comcast Cable. “VidiPath Certified products will provide a standardized platform for our customers, enabling them to enjoy the content they love on a broader range of devices in their homes.”


“We are excited that the VidiPath Certification program has now begun. It will facilitate the interoperability between cable operator supplied STBs and VidiPath Certified CE devices. We look forward to all the benefits that a growing VidiPath product ecosystem will deliver to our member cable operators and consumers,” said Tom Lookabaugh, chief R&D officer, CableLabs.”


“DLNA has taken another important step toward fulfilling the FCC’s vision for an industry standard that allows TV services to be delivered to CE devices,” said Brett L. Sappington, director of research with Parks Associates. “With their choice of a consumer brand for devices that successfully complete the certification process, North American cable operators have signaled their intent to quickly adopt VidiPath. They have also shown their interest in working with consumer electronics manufacturers to create a vibrant ecosystem of interoperable products for subscription TV viewing in the home.”


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