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Freesat refreshes Showcase service

September 16, 2014

By Colin Mann

UK subscription-free TV service Freesat has unveiled the latest version of Showcase, its editorially-driven TV recommendations service on Freetime next-generation programme guide.

Showcase is one of the key features of Freesat’s Freetime service. It offers recommendations of programmes to watch that are selected by Freesat’s dedicated in-house editorial team, and is available online, on the Freesat app, and via the TV on Freetime devices. Showcase ensures viewers never miss the programmes they know about, and helps them discover new programmes that they don’t. Freesat is the only TV service provider to offer an editorial service like this on the TV, the place where programme recommendations are most used and wanted.

Showcase is one of the most popular parts of the Freetime service and is the fastest growing element within the Freesat mobile app. Freetime viewers trust Showcase, and it is changing the way they watch television, as viewers use it extensively to help them plan, record and view their favourite shows. One in six programmes that viewers watch or record on the mobile app come from editorial recommendations in Showcase.

Showcase is influencing the viewing choice of those that use it – some of the most popular programmes on Showcase in 2014 to date have included the more left field Happy Valley (BBC One), Billy Connolly’s Big Send-Off (ITV) and Gadget Man (Channel 4). And programmes such as Our Planet from the Air: Home (BBC Four) and Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year (Channel 4) are among the top ten most popular programmes within Showcase on the Freesat app.

As a result of the success of Showcase, Freesat has expanded and upgraded the service to make it even easier to use, and to deliver even more recommendations to viewers. New features include:

  • More easy-to-access categories, including Drama, Entertainment, Comedy, Documentaries and Children

  • More recommended picks, both for viewers to watch live, record for later or watch On Demand

  • Tailored editorially curated recommendations around key events like Christmas, Easter and the school holidays

  • Simple ‘flags’ to make new TV series easier to find and highlight Freesat’s own favourites

Emma Scott, Freesat’s Managing Director, said Showcase offered something different to its customers and viewers. “TV is created by people, for people, and we firmly believe that recommendations from other people are the best way for viewers to find something great to watch. It is clear that the picks that are made by Freesat’s editorial team – who all live, breathe and love TV – are resonating strongly with our viewers. Customers are using and returning to Showcase to inspire their viewing, ensuring they never miss anything. As a neutral yet informed and enthusiastic source, Showcase helps them find something to watch. It is really changing viewing behaviour for our already loyal customers and we are delighted to be able to expand Showcase to make it even more valuable and compelling for them,” she concluded.

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