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New certified KOKA 110 A+ co‐axial cable for multimedia networks

September 16, 2014

TRIAX is proud to present its triple shielded KOKA 110 A+ cable. Designed

specifically for multimedia networks with a return channel, this co‐axial

cable is ready for the future. Be it satellite or terrestrial installations,

cable or IP‐based networks the KOKA 110 A+ cable ensures interferencefree

signal transmission with a shielding attenuation of 120 dB. It exceeds

the requirements of shielding class A+ in accordance with the DIN EN

50117‐4 standard and even provides effective shielding against LTE

interference. The outstanding stripping and laying characteristics also

reduces installation time.

Distribution networks today are subject to multiple interferences.

However, even the best receiving instruments depend on the quality of

connecting cables for optimum performance. In particular, distribution

networks can be affected by LTE mobile broadband interference (4G).

KOKA 110 A+ provides the solution to these problems.

The triple‐shielded co‐axial cable combines the best qualities of previous

generation KOKA 110 HD and KOKA 125 HD TRIAX cables. Providing a

shielding attenuation of 120dB and a transfer impedance < 2.5 mOhm in

the return channel range (5‐30 MHz), KOKA 110 A+ is specifically suited for

use in multimedia networks with return channels. Distribution networks

are also future proofed through the high‐level shielding of signal

transmissions as KOKA 110A+ co‐axial cable exceeds all requirements for

shielding class A+ in accordance with the DIN EN 50117‐4 standard.

Installers favour the use of the KOKA 110 A+ because of its outstanding

stripping and laying characteristics: The co‐axial cable has an inner copper

conductor with a diameter of 1.02 mm, as well as a triple shielding

consisting of a tin‐plated copper mesh and a 2‐layer foil. The outer sheath

of the cable has a diameter of 6.8 mm and the dielectric a diameter of 4.6

mm, ensuring KOKA 110 A+ is suitable for standard connectors, such as

the EX 6‐49 NTplus.

For external installation, TRIAX produces a version with black UV‐resistant

PE jacket. The LSZH jacket is free of halogens and has low flammability

especial suitable for public buildings & compounds. For use with the KOKA

110 A+ co‐axial cable, TRIAX also provides the TKA 100, a matching cable

roll dispenser that will hold 100 meters of cable.

TRIAX is a leading international provider of innovative, high‐tech solutions

for the reception, processing and distribution of digital television, radio and

data signals. Triax products are manufactured in Denmark, United Kingdom

and China and provide customers with superior performance, economic

efficiency and investment security. TRIAX employ´s approx. 400 employees

and have subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, France, Spain,

Hungary and Sweden.


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