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Spain picks up €286 DTT retuning bill

September 19, 2014

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish Government will pay the bill for readjusting DTT aerials on around one million buildings. The retuning must take place before the end of the year as a result of the allocation of the digital dividend to 4G operators.

The Government estimates that the total cost to readjust the aerials will be €286 million (in comparison with the €800 million estimated in the previous plan) with an average cost per household of €22.60, affecting 55 per cent of the population. The state subsidies will range from €150 and €500 depending on the average cost and the number of affected multiplexes.

The cabinet has approved a new DTT Technical Plan that lays down that broadcasters must free up the 800 MHz band to the benefit of 4G operators in a process that should be completed before January 1 2015.

The new DTT map, divided into 75 geographical areas, will be composed of eight multiplexes against the current 10 with private TVs operating five multiplexes (instead of the current six), regional TVs managing one multiplex (compared to the current two) and RTVE, the public national broadcaster, with one and a half multiplex (instead of the existing two).

A public communication campaign will be launched by the Government to inform the citizens about the new DTT map.

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