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Avere enables Deluxe to meet demands from major UK broadcasters

September 23, 2014

Avere Systems, a provider of enterprise storage for the hybrid cloud, is the driving force behind the transcoding, editing and quality-control of content provision supplied by Deluxe Media Acton, formerly ITFC, for major broadcasting companies in the United Kingdom.

Deluxe uses Avere FXT Edge filers to ensure that content for major broadcasters meets compliance regulations for consistent quality and loudness standards. From the roaring engines and bold colors of Formula 1, to the below-stairs whispers and richest black-of-mourning clothes in “Downton Abbey,” Deluxe must ensure everything is flawlessly discernible and consistently authentic to viewing audiences.

The Deluxe team works to demanding schedules to deliver on comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs). Its reputation for always meeting its commitments has led to rapid growth and increased demand for the company’s services. In 2013, Deluxe agreed to provide a major broadcaster with five times its normal weekly content. The company looked to Avere to provide the storage system to handle the increased load with high-speed access, performance and agility.

Gez Quinn, head of Technical Services at Deluxe Media Acton, said, “Clients depend on us to deliver some 700 hours of broadcast material every week. Our IT infrastructure must be fluid enough to absorb the varied input from content providers and sufficiently powerful to handle the heavy workloads of transcoding, editing and quality-control.”

The Avere FXT Series cluster provides high-speed I/O to a transcode farm and non-linear editing (NLE) workstations used for content preparation, subtitling and audio description services. The new system has brought multi-dimensional cost benefits.

“Avere lets us deliver higher quality within our existing pricing schedules,” Quinn said. “To achieve equivalent performance with traditional storage arrays, we’d have spent as much as 40 per cent more. In addition, we’ve increased capacity by 500 per cent for one of our major broadcasters.”

“Avere is proud to play a part in the high-quality broadcast content that Deluxe Media delivers. We’re pleased to have added measurable value while eliminating performance challenges so Deluxe can focus on their core business — delivering content within stringent deadlines,” said Ron Bianchini, president and CEO at Avere.

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