Advanced Television

Optus-10 reaches test orbit

September 23, 2014

By Chris Forrester

Australia’s Optus-10 satellite, launched on September 12th, has reached geostationary orbit where it will be tested prior to being located at its target destination at 164 degrees East.  In orbit tests will take some 2-3 weeks to complete.

The satellite, constructed by Space Systems/Loral, will undertake preliminary deployments and tests prior to reaching the geostationary orbit where it will complete testing to ensure all on-board equipment is fully operational. This process is expected to be completed by mid-October. Once testing is complete, the satellite will be relocated to its operational location at 164 degrees east.

Optus-10 has 24 Ku-band transponders and will add television broadcast capacity over Australia and New Zealand, as well as two-way voice and data communications coverage over the region.

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